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Atlantis on the media

It is think about atlantis.

Title : Critias, Timaeu(Platon)

Quotes : A paradise that disappeared in just one night

From :

Content : The story of Atlantis is first mentioned in the Greek philosopher Plato's book << Critias >>. <<Critias>> is a book that unfolds a view of the universe that is consistent with the image of an ideal society suggested by Plato in his previous work << Timaeus >>, and <<Critias>> is a story about the ideal society. It is understood with the intention of presenting the appearance in reality. 'Atlantis' is a kind of paradise, an island bigger than Libya and Asia combined, with beautiful and mysterious fruits, richly buried under the earth with all kinds of precious metals, and in the heart of the city all buildings are silver except for the gilded spire. It was a very wealthy country covered with Such Atlanteans began to become more and more greedy and corrupt. God was angry and sent a disaster, which caused a great earthquake and flood, and in one day and one night, the island of Atlantis sank into the sea forever. All of this happened 9000 years ago.

Title : Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

Quotes : “Then what am I living for?”
“We live to find that.”

This animation is inspired by Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and deals with the legendary empire of Atlantis in the past. The continent of Atlantis, where the people of Atlantis, who made amazing scientific advances tens of thousands of years ago and sank to the depths of the sea under the wrath of the gods, symbolizes human greed like the wings of Icarus. The gargoyles who tried to conquer the world using science in Nadia do everything they can to obtain Blue Water, a stone that makes wishes come true.

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