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When you want to give up everything (feat. Bail)

Get the power to get back to life in Bali.

1. Yoga trip

A Bali yoga trip that relaxes hardened thoughts and strengthens the weakened mind! Bali, famous for its yoga practice, has a variety of attractions, from traditional Balinese yoga to yoga classes at luxurious resorts, where you can focus on your inner self while breathing in nature.

Yoga Barn:
Taksu Yoga:
Radiantly Alive:

2. Snorkeling

Snorkel at Menjangan Island(In Bali), the best diving spot in Bali! If you want to enjoy the best scenery in Southeast Asia, we recommend a visit!
To preserve the pristine Menjangan Island, tourists can only stay on the island for 4 hours, so be sure to check the itinerary! It's well worth checking out.

3. Take a walk through the Isle of the Gods

The ancient Balinese temples scattered on the highlands and on the coast contain ancient and magnificent structures. There are as many as 20,000 Hindu temples in Bali.
It is said that in the 15th century when the Majapahit Hindu dynasty in Central Java and East Java fell, a large number of Hindu monks and royalty migrated to Bali. Each temple in Bali has its own unique charm and character. Appropriate clothing must be worn when visiting. When entering a Hindu temple in Bali, please note that foreigners must wear the traditional Balinese sarong around their waist. In order to maintain the balance between the polarization of the dual powers of good (mountain, right) and evil (sea, left), Balinese people accept rituals and prayers, and offering sacrifices and prayers as a daily life.

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