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Today is a Galapagos travel day in your bed๐Ÿ›

Start your online world travel more vividly!

Let's explore the unknown ecosystem!

This article is for travelers who want to explore all parts of the world.
In Galapagos, unknown land that has not yet been changed by humans, mysterious and unusual creatures that cannot be seen anywhere else live.

Some islands are important in biological value as there are many unique species of individuals that make up the Galapagos ecosystem.

The Galapagos Islands have never been connected to a continent, so their ecosystems are simple and unique. The phenomenon that the Galapagos Islands are isolated from the land and form a unique ecosystem as a result of a change in the evolutionary direction is referred to as โ€˜Galapagos syndromeโ€™.

Although the Galapagos has not followed the general steps of evolution in the world, the fact that it still preserves its beauty and wonder is amazing.

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