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The waves in Bali swallow people's worries.

When you feel burnout under the weight of everyday life, Bali is a great place to break your lethargy and feel refreshed.

Sometimes we forget that we have the greatest gift on earth: freedom and romance.

In particular, Kuta Beach, the most representative beach in Bali and the closest beach to Ungurai Airport, is so beautiful that even Indonesians choose it as a representative date spot.

If you are a surfing beginner, this is the perfect place to practice surfing.

If you have lost your worries at the beautiful beach, visit the shopping malls and pubs adjacent to Kuta Beach and enjoy the liveliness of the city.

It is also recommended to restore your energy and spend romantic time with your loved ones at Sunset Beach, a spectacular view not to be missed on Kuta Beach.

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