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The only reason to visit Türkiye : multiple and complex heritages which were accumulated for a long time.

Surrounding travelers with the peaceful atmosphere in holy place.

Istanbul has 3,000 mosques. A few of them give us the opportunity to explore inside.
First, the Blue Mosque. It’s the most popular mosque which was built in 1960s and the last great mosque of classical period. It is composed with 5 main domes, 8 secondary domes, and 6 minarets. It’s huge and impressive architecture. Moreover, the Blue Mosque was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. So you would be definitely astonished when you visit this place.
Secondly, one of the oldest mosque in Istabul is Arap Camii Mosque. It was built in 14th century. It is the only example of medieval religious Gothic architecture remaining in Istanbul. Its great woodwork has enough value to recommend as a must-visit.
But, here is a requirement you should follow in there. You need to wear long pants and scarf to cover your head. If you forget to bring your own clothes, the mosque will offer the stuff for you.

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