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The only reason to visit Playa del Carmen : the Power of Mayan Culture.

Various Of Activites Over The Blue Sky & Sea

In Playa del Carmen, several mayan cultural vestiges are still remained. You can take a tour the sites. There is exploration of Chichen Itzá which you can learn the fascinating facts and folklore from expert guides. And there is another famous historical site of Maya civilization. It’s Tulum and you can climb the Pyramid at there. Moreover, there is a beach under the edge of a cliff. So after tour, you can swim in the Sacred Cenote. It’s an underground cave filled with fresh water. If you have a certain license, you can also scuba diving in this cave. If you don’t have a scuba diving license, but you want to enjoy the marine adventure, don’t worry. You can go snorkeling or swimming at Cenotes. You can literally dive into the past of Mayan civilization for a while.
If you are not good at swim, you can just stroll on the charming streets of Valladolid. There is quiet mostly-pedestrian street, so it’s right place to take a walk peacefully.

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