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Recommended place for each MBTIs. (Türkiye)

There has been big renewal event.

Türkiye is the most populous city in Europe and the 15th largest city in the world. For that reason, mixed culture are gathered in Istanbul. In there, you can enjoy modern city, and also classic city vibe. It’s depending on your preference of theme of travel. Do you want to see an old style of city or new style? You can choose anything you want and of course you could pick both themes!
If you expect luxurious trip in Istanbul, rich journey is already prepared for you. Otherwise, if you are a budget-friendly traveler, you could tour sufficiently according to your budget. In addition, you could appreciate the style of Europe and Asia in one place. Because Istanbul straddles two continents, Europe and Asia.
Lastly, as you all know, Türkiye has changed their country name recently. Why don’t you explore the brand-new Türkiye?

Recommended MBTI : INFP, ISFJ, ENFJ

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