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If you don’t visit here, you can’t say you were in Sicily.


1) Palermo: Sicily's busiest and transportation hub

TIP : You can fully enjoy Sicily's unique culture as well as a variety of attractions and foods.

2) Agrigento: It is located southeast of Sicily at the confluence of the Drago and Sanbiazo rivers.

TIP: If you go to the temple valley, you can see the essence of Greek temple architecture lined with Doric temples along the valley.

3) Siracusa: A city where the sea and the historic city blend well, which has been invaded and flourished over and over again.

TIP: Siracusa Cathedral, with its gorgeous exterior and stylish interior, was built on the Temple of Athena.

4)  Taormina: A popular place for Europeans to visit warm destinations in the cold winter. It is a city at the foot of Mount Tauro on a hill 200 meters above sea level

TIP : Taormina houses medieval structures such as the Odeon Theater and the Naumakia (reservoir) ruins of the Roman era, which were excavated in 1780, and the Greek amphitheater, cathedral, and the Palace of Campoli, built in 385 BC.

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