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Hey, Listen! Here are love songs. (feat. Santorini)

Enjoy Santorini with a playlist full of love and romance!

1. Fira
Anthony Lazaro – Tonight

Santorini can be divided into two main areas: Fira, the busiest center, and Oia, at the northern tip of Santorini, where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Fira, the most famous of the Greek islands, is an impressive place with dramatic cliffs sloping into the sea and a distinctive border of white buildings. Taking in the afternoon sun walking through the town's shops and cafes is the greatest joy on earth, at the Fira Archaeological Museum, home to Minoan artifacts from which the ancient world of Fira began.

2. Oia
Benjamin lngrosso - Do You Think About Me

In particular, Oia is famous for its breathtaking sunsets. The reason why sunsets in Santorini are so beautiful is because the romantic afterglow of the day and anticipation for the night to come coexist.

The village of Imerovigli is a luxury accommodation area with picturesque villas, studios, hotels and apartments. Imerovigli is home to many great hotels, especially famous for honeymoon couple. Immelovigli, which is lined with Cycladic architectures representing Santorini, is located 300 meters above sea level, the highest point of the Santorini caldera. The scenery you encounter while walking along the coastline is as beautiful as heaven, creating a sense of ecstasy.

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