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Hey, I'll recommend you best destinations ever in Istanbul.

Guide for safe travel on Türkiye.

Now, the Turkish government does allow to travel to Türkiye for every nationalities. Nevertheless, special COVID-19 entry requirements are still existed. All incoming passengers over the age of 6 should complete a ‘Traveler Entry Form’ at least 4 days before an arrival. You can fill this form out online and it takes only few minutes. Children under 6 are exempt from this rule.
Negative COVID-19 test result is no longer necessary for entering in Türkiye. If you have any symptoms, you would get a brief medical test at airport. Test centers in Istanbul Airport offer service 24/7.
For safe trip in Türkiye, you should wear on your mask while at the airport, including the terminal area. Before you visit Türkiye, we recommend you checking more detailed information at World Health Organization.

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