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๐Ÿฆ•2/24 - Discovery Of A New Dinosaur

Abydosaurus fossils were found in a sandstone bed at the base of the Mussentuchit Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation, near the old visitor center of Dinosaur National Monument.

โ€ข Kingdom: Animalia
โ€ข Phylum: Chordata
โ€ข Genus: Abydosaurus

Abydosaurus was the first to discover the complete skull of a Cretaceous sauropod from the Americas. Abydosaurus lived about 40 million years later than girapatan, but the skulls of these two animals are similar except for the Abydosaurus ' narrower, sharper teeth and small nose. Abydosaurus has subtle features of its nose and maxilla, its relatively small external nostrils, and some features of its teeth that distinguish it from all other sauropods, including girapattans. Abydosaurus refers to the town of Abidos, the Greek name for El Araba El Mapuna. Just as the goddess Osiris was overlooking the Nile from there, Abydosaurus was also found overlooking the Green River.

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