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๐ŸŒŽ3/20 - International Day of Happiness

Happiness for all, forever.

International Day of Happiness, also called Happiness Day, is celebrated throughout the world on March 20. It was established by the UNGA(United Nation General Assembly) on June 28, 2012.

On 2013, UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon stated in an address to the UN General Assembly and focus on people should get together face the problem we have, and try to achieve the mission that to meet a society with happiness.

Ten steps to meet the goal of global happiness in 2021
-Do things that makes you happy
-Tell Everyone
-Participate in and celebrate the World Happiness Contest
-Give and spread happiness to others
-To celebrate
-Share the things that make you happy on social media
-Promote the resolution
-We will advance the United Nations global goals for sustainable development
-Enjoy nature
-Adopt hedonism

The day aims to make people realize the importance of happiness in their lives. In 2015, UN launched 17 SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) to make people lives happier. Its main goals are eradicate poverty, reduce inequality and protect the earth.

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