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๐ŸŒŽ2/13 - World Radio Day

World Radio Day commemorates the anniversary of the establishment of UN Radio in 1946 by the United Nations.

World Radio Day is a day for UNESCO and the United Nations to raise awareness of the importance of radio and to promote networks and international cooperation among broadcast producers. In 1946, the board of directors declared the 36th World Radio Day at UNESCO's 36th General Assembly and recommended that UNESCO celebrate February 13, the day the UN established the UN Radio. The board also requested that UNESCO Secretary-General submit a resolution to the UN Secretary-General to approve World Radio Day at the General Assembly and celebrate it throughout the system. Eventually, in December 2012, the UN General Assembly approved the declaration of World Radio Day, making it a day celebrated by all UN agencies, funds, programs and partners. Various radio industry organizations around the world are supporting the plan by encouraging stations in developed countries to support stations in developing countries.

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