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๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ1/26 - Opening of The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

On Broadway in 1988, Andrew Lloyd Webber's still-loved Phantom of the Opera opened.

โ€ข Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber
โ€ข Lyrics: Charles Hart, Richard Stilgoe (additional)
โ€ข Book: Richard Stilgoe

The musical 'The Phantom of the Opera' premiered on January 9, 1988 at the Broadway Majestic Theater and was released on January 26, 1988. It was created by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on a 1910 novel published by French mystery writer Gaston Leroux. It is a tragic and beautiful romance in which a mysterious gentleman ghost with a deformed face, born with an angelic voice but turned into a mask in an accident, falls in love with a beautiful prima donna Christine. The musical 'The Phantom of the Opera' holds the record for the most performances on Broadway so far.

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