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🇰🇷3/11 - Bŏpjŏng's Death

Bŏpjŏng was a famous Buddist monk and writer of South Kroea.

• Born: November 5, 1932
• Died: March 11, 2010
• Religion: Buddhism
• Nationality: Korea

Born in 1932 in Haenam, South Jeolla Province, Bŏpjŏng graduated from Mokpo Commercial High School and entered Chonnam National University. In his junior year in 1954, he left school and decided to become a Buddhist monk as a follower of Hyobong, a Korean Jogye Seon master.
Bŏpjŏng was widely known for his 'musoyu' (Non-Possession) spirit, and he propagated his philosophy through many of his publications, which have been loved by many Koreans. The following is a representative example of his direct, poignant style:

Listening to the sounds of nature,
I can ponder how best to scrub away the grime of my heart.

On a day like this,
with nothing to disturb me,
sitting alone,
I know the joy of being.

Quiet Talks in the Mountains

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