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๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ณ2/17 - Wu Zetian's Birthday

Wu Zetian is the first and only empress in Chinese history.

โ€ข Born: 17 February 624 Lizhou, Tang China
โ€ข Died: 26 November 705 (aged 81) Luoyang, Tang China
โ€ข Burial: Qianling Mausoleum
โ€ข Reign: 16 October 690 โ€“ 21 February 705
โ€ข Spouse: Emperor Taizong of Tang, Emperor Gaozong of Tang

Wu Zetian was the Empress of the Tang Dynasty. First, through her husband Gojong, through the empress, through Jungjong and Uijong until 690, and through his reign until 690, for 40 years, China grew bigger, government corruption decreased, and culture and economy were revitalized. Wu Zetian was originally the concubine of King Taejong. In 655, she married King Gojong, the son of Taejong, and became the Empress. Before issuing an order, King Gojong asked her opinion on all matters. When King Gojong became unable to rule the country due to an illness in his later years, he delegated the responsibility to Wu Zetian. Wu Zetian received certain honors and privileges that the Chinese Empress did not enjoy after the war. More decisive and initiative than her husband, she has been regarded by historians as an influential figure on the throne for over 18 years. In addition, the evaluation of her is divided into a negative evaluation that she committed excessively evil deeds and a negative evaluation that she ruled China well.

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